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A natural, non-sparkling mineral water
Lorraine, France, since 1854
  • Protected natural spring
  • Soft and refreshing
  • Invigorating
  • For sport, vitality and optimism

The Vittel spring is located within a state-protected national park and the water has a balanced mineral content. It nourishes the body with beneficial minerals and micronutrients, helping you to feel bright and energetic all day long. Vittel is a source of strength and optimism!

Vittel is an official sponsor of the world-renowned Tour de France multi-day cycling race, and the prestigious Bocuse d’Or international haute cuisine competition.

  • 0,33 L
  • 0,5 L
  • 0,75 L
  • 1 L
  • 1,5 L

How to enjoy

Vittel can be enjoyed with a meal because it contains no gases and has a balanced mineral composition. It is the ideal choice for those who enjoy sport or lead an active lifestyle.


Vittel, a non-carbonated mineral water, derives its beneficial qualities from the heart of the Vosges Mountains in eastern France, where it is enriched with mineral salts and becomes very pure. The source is surrounded by a state-protected national park.
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