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Coffee grinders
Mestre, Italy, since 1936
  • Millstone grinders
  • Hugh performance
  • Grind control system
  • Reliability

Fiorenzato offers the best even under extreme operating conditions, when coffee consumption is very high. In addition to constant monitoring of grinding, ease of use, reliable performance and durability over time, which are all factors that have strengthened the trademark on an international scale. 

This important feature, combined with low operating noise, makes Fiorenzato coffee grinders and grinder-dosers valuable work tools for all professionals in the bar sector.

Automatic coffee grinders

  • F4ECO

  • F5 D
    F5 D

  • F6 D
    F6 D

  • F71KD

With manual dosage adjustment

  • F4 nano A
    F4 nano A

  • F5 M
    F5 M

  • F5 A
    F5 A

  • F6 M
    F6 M

  • F6 A
    F6 A

  • F63 KA
    F63 KA

  • F71KA

With coffee bin ground

Electric coffee grinders

  • F4E Nano
    F4E Nano

  • F64E

  • F64 EVO
    F64 EVO

  • F83E

  • F63 KE
    F63 KE

  • F71 KE
    F71 KE

  • F4 Filter
    F4 Filter*
    * Для фильтр-кофе

Direct grind coffee grinders with touch panel

  • F64E XG
    F64E XG

  • F64 EVO XG
    F64 EVO XG

  • F83E XG
    F83E XG

  • F71 KE XG
    F71 KE XG

  • F64E XGR
    F64E XGR

  • F64 EVO XGR
    F64 EVO XGR

  • F83E XGR
    F83E XGR

  • F71 KE XGR
    F71 KE XGR

Direct grind coffee grinders with XG-XGR technology


Fiorenzato owns revolutionary technologies that have changed the understanding of coffee grinding process:

  • "Inverter" patented system — technology modelled on industrial mills;
  • XG and XGR electronic dispenser — the world's first dispenser, which regulates portions in grams, not seconds;
  • automatic RFID filter recognition system.
Fiorenzato company was founded in 1936 in the city of Mestre in Italy. Its founder Pietro Fiorenzato had already gained experience in coffee grinders. In addition to knowledge, he brought his passion for business and the desire to achieve an ideal combination of quality and innovation.

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