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Superautomatic coffeemachines
Italy, Milan, since 1945
  • wide choice of coffee based drinks
  • fine system of settings
  • reliability and intuitive control
  • excellent quality of coffee in every cup

Legendary Italian Faema Superautomatic coffee machines do not require a barista to make high-quality coffee, thanks to the use of advanced technologies and a fine system of settings. 

It illustrates the legendary brand and product, conjuring up atmospheres replete with passion, art, tradition, quality and coffee culture, stepping into the world of the barista. The Faema coffee machine is the tool that allows you to set your passion for coffee in motion and enhance your artistic skills

  • X 20 MILK PS
  • X 30 MILK PS

Сimbali Group

Gruppo Cimbali is a leader in the design and production of professional machines for coffee and milk-based beverages and soluble beverages, and of equipment specifically designed for coffee shops. This corporate group from Milan, established over a period of four generations, is now the world leader in the sector of production of traditional coffee machines.


Gruppo Cimbali is based in Binasco, near Milan. Its operations are conducted at three production facilities in Italy, one in Binasco (Milan) itself, one in Ghisalba (in the province of Bergamo) and another in Cappella Cantone (in the province of Cremona). The facilities produce on average over 200 coffee machines per day.


The company, founded in 1945, owes its existence to the entrepreneurial spirit of Carlo Ernesto Valente, who opened his coffee machine workshop in Milan in 1945. From the very start Faema made a name for itself as one of the sector’s most professional operators thanks to the various models that represent milestones in the history of coffee machines.
The first coffee machine to use a volumetric pump was launched, a technological solution that ensures constant pressure throughout the extraction process. Most commercial espresso coffee machines still feature this clever innovation.
Faematronic was the first traditional machine to feature electronic dispensing control and control of functional parameters by electronic display. This was a
cutting-edge feature at the time.
MUMAC - Museo delle Macchine per Caffè Espresso. Inaugurated in 2012 to celebrate the contribution of this company to the sector, MUMAC is a unique initiative (the largest exhibition of trade espresso coffee machines in the world), recounting a century of history, of technology, of design and of ‘the Italian way’, All this and more! MUMAC is also a venue for the formation and diffusion of the culture of espresso among coffee lovers - as a training resource and point of reference for all who wish to learn about one of the most symbolic of Italian products.

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