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Secret of success: mineral water RusseQuelle

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"For a long time a standard of premium water in Russia hadn’t existed. With RusseQuelle we started to create new segment, explored success of foreign companies and took the best from them". 

- Volodin Y.A., CEO of RusseQuelle


1. «We don’t change trace element composition of water»

Source water and bottled water should be 100% identical: we don’t change it’s trace element composition. RusseQuelle consists of selenium, humic acids, calcium, magnesium, silicon and more than 200 useful trace elements. Moreover, the water has a unique pH level of 7.4. An additional point is that we save cultural values and experience gained from the ancestors. When water appears on the surface of the ground, it goes to the damming (wooden frame for water collection), by gravity moves to the plant and only then gets to the production.

2. «We pay great attention to the dissemination of knowledge about the benefits of water» 

History, research, meetings with experts and openness of the plant to customers. We pay attention to the dissemination of knowledge about the benefits of water, its unique properties and features. Our mission is to create the culture of water consumption in Russia.

3. «RusseQuelle is the team of experts»

Our company employees are specialists in such sectors as biotechnology and biochemistry, engineering and technology. We had been looking for a water source and carefully explored the trace element composition of mineral water before laid the base of the plant. RusseQuelle was awarded two golden medals in «Product of the year» nomination in 2014. In 2015, it was recognized as the most delicious water in Russia according to Roskontrol, and no one was able to get ahead of us over the past two years.

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Secret of success: mineral water RusseQuelle