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The secret of the illy taste

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The unique taste of illy cannot be confused with any other: it is rich, soft and velvety, sweet with notes of fruit, caramel and chocolate. This characteristic illy taste is recognizable from the very first sip and remains consistent, cup after cup.

The secret of the illy taste lies in a blend of nine varieties of premium Arabica coffee from four continents, meticulously selected and artfully combined to create a perfect balance. The proportions of each variety of coffee in the blend are carefully calibrated by illy experts for each shipment in order to guarantee that consistent taste, cup after cup.

The range of options presented by Lenmix includes a classic series and a special Monoarabica series, which features six of the nine varieties of Arabica coffee used in the illy blend.


Medium Roast

The distinctive illy taste: balanced, soft and velvety, with a pleasant sweetness and notes of fruit, caramel and chocolate. Used to prepare all types of coffee.

Dark Roast

An intense flavour with notes of toasted bread and a dark chocolate finish. Recommended for ristretto, and for coffee to be drunk with milk.


The same recognizable taste as in the medium roast, with all the advantages of decaffeinated coffee.


Medium roast coffee sold in Iperespresso capsules, especially created for preparing a large volume of coffee without compromising the taste or the thick espresso foam.


The special Monoarabica series has been created to allow drinkers to try all of the components which make up the classic illy taste separately. The series features six of the Arabica coffee varieties used in the illy blend. Each has its own distinct character and taste, depending on the region in which it was grown.


A full-bodied, intense flavour with distinct chocolate notes, and slight hints of caramel and toasted bread. Brazil is the leading international supplier of Arabica coffee, which usually grows at high elevations in the southwest of the country, where interchanging periods of drought and torrential rain create an ideal climate for coffee.


A complex taste with a broad palette of flavours, particularly distinctive among which are notes of chocolate, caramel, citrus and honey. In Guatemala, coffee is grown at elevations of up to 2,000 metres in pristine mountainous areas with rich and fertile soil.


A delicate flavour with a unique, light finish and notes of jasmine and citrus fruits. Ethiopia is considered to be the country from which coffee originated, and to this day remains a major international supplier of Arabica.

Costa Rica

An elegant taste with an ideal balance of sour, bitter and full-bodied flavours. The coffee presents distinct notes of chocolate and caramel, and a light finish with hints of toasted bread, orange, honey and vanilla.


A rich taste with balanced sweet, bitter and sour notes, and characteristic hints of caramel, chocolate, nuts and dried fruits. Columbia has the perfect climate for growing high-quality coffee. The country has a unique kind of soil that means coffee can be harvested twice a year.


A rich, spicy coffee, with full-bodied flavour, a noticeable bitter note and a vibrant finish with hints of cocoa, dark chocolate and toasted bread. In India, coffee grows in busy agricultural areas, next to pepper, vanilla, cardamom and citrus trees. This is what gives the coffee its distinct flavour.

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The secret of the illy taste