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Rummo Italian pasta: the brand philosophy

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Since 1846, Rummo has inspired lovers of Italian cuisine with its traditions and unique method of making a pasta which is the choice of chefs throughout the world. Its perfect texture is made possible thanks to the patented Lenta Lavorazione method. This method of ‘slow processing’ ensures that the pasta maintains its shape during cooking and always comes out al dente, which has been testament to the product’s high level of quality over many years.

The uniqueness and professionalism of the Rummo brand is represented not only in its products, which are loved throughout the world, but also in the philosophy behind its origins and evolution.

Attention to processes

The length of time devoted to each stage of the production process is essential to achieving the pasta’s quality and perfect texture. Making high-quality pasta always means paying close attention to the factors that affect the product, from temperature and humidity, to the duration and intensity of processing, to the gluten in the flour. All stages of production are supervised by experienced specialists who are passionate about their craft.   


Attention to ingredients

When making pasta, Rummo pays particular attention to the wheat and water used. Rummo pasta has a very high protein content, which is the best indicator of quality wheat.

A wide range

Specially-made stamps (templates) for creating unique Italian cuisine ensure a distinctively textured pasta which consistently delivers on quality. The Lenmix range includes the following Rummo pasta varieties: classic – for the home (500g), special – for the home (500g), professional (1 kg and 3 kg), gluten-free (400g), bio integralli (500g).         
The wide range of Rummo products means customers can choose the perfect pasta to turn a family meal with friends and loved ones into a truly special occasion. And it’s guaranteed never to let you down in the kitchen!

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Rummo Italian pasta: the brand philosophy