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Lenmix Academy: how to choose the right coffee grind

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Coffee beans grind is one of the four main factors, which taste of coffee in a cup depends on. Its size and homogeneity are two characteristics that have to be considered. Grinding affects the fragrance and richness of coffee.

Size of grind

The process of extracting oils and aromatic components from ground coffee during brewing is called extraction. The size of the grinding determines the surface area of the coffee, which will interact with water when brewing. The finer the grind, the larger the area of crushed grains that is in contact with water, that affects the speed of brewing and the strength of coffee.

If the grind is too fine, it will lead to «overextraction» — coffee will turn bitter. Too coarse grinding will cause «underextraction». As a result, coffee will be sour and loose. If, for example, you brew the whole grain, the coffee will be very weak. For different ways of brewing coffee different size of grinding are suitable: the size of large salt for French press, and flour for Turkish coffee.

There is a special classification of grinding degrees, quite simple and clear for regular coffee lovers who do not have the expertise in the coffee industry. Coffee grinding degrees are divided into several main types. The type of grinding in this case is determined by the size of the coffee particles.

Homogeneity of grind

In addition to a suitable size, the grinding should be homogeneous. It means that all coffee particles must be of the same size. If the size of the particles in one portion is different, small particles will be brewed quicker, large - slower, and this difference will spoil the taste of coffee.

There are 2 types of coffee grinders: knife and millstone. Knife grinders grind grains with a knife connected to the motor. As a result, coffee particles in one portion differ in size. Millstone coffee grinders gradually grind the grain to a desired size between the millstones. By adjusting the distance between them, you can change the dimension of grinding. The coffee particles cannot leave the compartment until they are the same size with this distance, so the grinding with the mill grinder is uniform.

Grinding is an extremely important characteristic, its selection and adjustment should be treated very carefully. It may seem that this is a minor detail, but the correct setting of the grinding affects the result directly.





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Lenmix Academy: how to choose the right coffee grind