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5 questions to La Spaziale president about the unicity of coffee equipment

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- What is the history of La Spaziale?

La Spaziale company was founded in 1969 by a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in a branch of coffee equipment, who had been working hard every day to perfect technical solutions for the highest quality of coffee in a cup.

La Spaziale ranks among the Top-3 of classic coffee machines sold worldwide. Company is an official coffee equipment supplier for barista international competitions since 2006.

- Why was it decided to choose this name for the company?

The name («La spaziale», ital.-«cosmic») is connected with the fact that company was founded in the same year when the first flight to the moon was made. That was important moment for the whole history of the humankind, which we could not pass over.

- What is the main advantage of La Spaziale coffee equipment?

When La Spaziale came to the market, it immediately arose much interest. This happened because of different type of heating system. At that time all coffee machines used a bain-marie, ours used hot steam to heat the water.

- What do you think is the most important to succeed at the coffee equipment market?

We do not sell work, we sell passion. To create a coffee machine, there must be a passion. If a person does not have it, then he will not be able to create anything in his life. Therefore, our coffee machine, let us say, is the brainchild of all the people working in the company.

- What coffee brands do you cooperate with?

Recently we have started cooperation with illy coffee and it turned out to be unexpectedly successful. We can claim with confidence that we cooperate with a very persistent, very professional team, which clearly understands what it wants to come to at the market. In addition, it is a great honor for us to work with a company that has such a mentality that has already become its philosophy.

La Spaziale president  at Lenmix booth at PIR EXPO 2018

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5 questions to La Spaziale president about the unicity of coffee equipment