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5 questions to Antonio Rummo: about business strategy

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- What volume of pasta was produced by Rummo in 2016-2017?

In 2017 we produced more than 69 000 tons of pasta, that is 29% higher than the volume of production in 2016. 40% of products were exported. 
Rummo pasta is being sold in more than 50 countries all over the world, on five continents.

In what countries can you find the greatest number of Rummo devotees?

Our devotees live all over the world, but especially a lot of them are from Italy, North Europe, the USA. Now we are increasing sales in Russia and North America.

How many types of pasta does Rummo produce now?

We produce several product lines: classic pasta, handmade products, wholegrain pasta, nest pasta and now gluten-free pasta and bean-based one  – more than 90 varieties altogether.

Are you planning to expand the product range in the near future?

Product range expansion is one of the growth engines, and we have it planned for the coming year. Moreover, we place importance on organic, wholegrain and gluten-free product lines development equally.  It is necessary to be on a par with the market. More and more customers prefer healthy and balanced diet.

What is the company’s objective for 2018?

I imagine that Rummo is a gold standard for all pasta lover all over the world and that it is top-of-mind premium brand in the international market.

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5 questions to Antonio Rummo: about business strategy