21 december 2017

X1 Anniversary: special edition to mark the anniversary of the iconic coffee machine

Lenmix is presenting a new commemorative capsule coffee machine from illy, the X1 Anniversary with retro-futuristic design from architect Luca Trazzi and Espresso&Coffee technology

11 december 2017

illy coffee in new and improved 3kg can

Lenmix presents illy Italian coffee in a new and improved 3kg jar. This is the only large jar of its kind today which is resistant to excess internal pressure of over 5 bars, making it highly safe to use

10 december 2017

Dinner event in Sochi inspired by Rummo pasta

On 1 December, the Magellan restaurant in Sochi hosted Theory and Practice of Italian Cuisine, a dinner event from Giovanni Baiamonte, chef ambassador for Lenmix

8 december 2017

Lenmix product range now includes Rummo pasta nests

Lenmix presents a new product from Italian brand Rummo: pasta nests. One of the most popular forms of Italian pasta, the nest has won the hearts of chefs both in Italy and throughout the world

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